Ideology of Nancy Hiles over hike in Real Estate Income Tax rate in Texas


The increase in income tax rate in the Real estate industry is not a new thing in USA. Many of the entrepreneurs highly condemn such rise in income tax. After Washington D.C and California, the state of Texas is also going through from this situation. Nancy Hiles is a wife of the CEO of the Western Rim Properties. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles raised their voice to request the government to stable the previous tax rate. The couple has remained highly active to become the voice of people.

It becomes quite difficult for the buyers to pay large sums of cash for purchasing houses. Therefore, hike in income tax rate would add salt to their wounds. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles tried their best to convey the message of people to the government. Many of the other entrepreneurs have shaken hands with the couple to raise voice against income tax rate hike. Nancy Hiles actually thinks that a buyer should have to pay justifiable price. Such increase in income tax rate is not doing any justice with the people. Therefore, people should try to be united and be with us.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles preferred social media to raise voice against tax rate hike issue. They shared their views and opinions. The sudden hike in income tax rate is not a right decision made by the government. Nancy Hiles provide her full support to the husband over this issue. Many people supported Nancy and Marcus to express their anger against this issue. The thoughts of NancyHiles regarding this matter show that she cares a lot about people. She always want to provide best quality homes with the least possible price.

Many of the real estate firms in different states of US are forced to pay increased income tax amount. At this stage, the efforts of this couple are commendable. A lot of courage is required to openly raise voice and show anger against such issues. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles don’t leave any opportunity to help and support people. They also came from the masses of middle class people. Therefore, they can easily understand the problems of common people. The couple is highly active to participate in philanthropic causes. Their kind-heartedness actually shows such caring attitude of the couple. Marcus and Nancy have always tried to keep people happy from different aspects.

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