Marcus Hiles – More Than A Property Developer

To distinguish yourself in the modern age of business against your competitors, you need to transcend the pursuit of profit and take a look at the larger picture. No where is this more apparent than in the property development industry. More than ever there is increasing pressure by local communities and residents alike who want to ensure the home s they are living in are sustainable and having a positive effect on the wider community- whilst maintaining a high-standard and luxury lifestyle. It can be quite an ask, and so property development companies need more than ever to develop and practice a well crafted and thoughtful company philosophy to apply all their ethics to their projects.

One such company striving to satisfy its companies by remaining true to its values are Western Rim Property Services. They have developed over 25,000 apartments in the regions of Northern Texas, and have proved wildly successful in not only satisfying residents but also the local community. One such example of a project of theirs which embodies the company’s vision is The Conroe Texas Real Estate by Marcus Hiles, the CEO of Western Rim Property. Built in an area of outstanding beauty, without ruining or spoiling the scenery in the land it occupies has been an integral reason for the company’s success.

On top of being weary of their environmental and local community impact, Marcus Hiles‘ company also maintain the philosophy that the properties they develop of of such a high standard that they are ”the best places to live” in the areas which they are developed. And this is clear in the level of detail put into the stunning interior design. From the granite work surfaces, marble floors and stainless steel kitchen appliances, every detail has been toyed with and thought over by the lead team of developers. They bring the modern urban chic design to areas of natural beauty, without having the potentially catastrophic effect of spoiling the area.

Encouraging diversity and collaboration are two more aspects of the company philosophy which are important to Western Rim. The social spaces and communal club houses and zones developed on the sites are important in encouraging interaction between the diverse community these properties aim to attract- from single young professionals to established large families. You can find out more about Marcus Hiles’ official account on AngelList, and the work he and his company are trying to inspire.

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Marcus Hiles Magazine: A Whole New World

There are many things that are influencing our lives, one of these things is the internet. It has completely altered our lifestyle and the way we think and do things, previously a person needed to drive to local stores to buy things, it can now be done easily with the help of internet and its website. You can simple order everything online without any problems, everything has been made faster with internet, if you want to learn something or read something than that too can also be done over the internet. If you want to learn more about Marcus Hiles then you can easily take a look at Marcus Hiles’ Magazine, here you will be able to find the latest news regarding the business.

When you need to gain information and latest news on the real estate in Texas then Marcus Hiles Magazine will prove to be a very reliable source because here you will be able to find every bit of information that you need so that you can easily decide which kind of home you need in Texas.

Texas is a really great place to live, and Marcus Hiles Houston can help you purchase a home in the capital of the state that is Houston. These were some things that you need to know about Marcus Hiles an properties that you can buy in Texas. These were some things that you ought to know about Marcus Hiles and his company, it should be kept in mind that Western Rim is a highly trustworthy company. With the help of the magazine you will simply be able to get more insight and information on the firm, this valuable insight will help you to decide whether you want to hire the company or not

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Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles: Setting a Milestone in Real Estate and Charity

You may have heard many reviews about the luxury lifestyle of Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles properties but, do you know that they not only invest in developing quality homes but, also lavishly spend on charities for the betterment of the society.

The Real Estate Socialites and Philanthropists: Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are the proud founders of Western Rim Properties, have worked strenuously over the years to reach their position of financial and emotional stability. They owe their status not to luck or hard work but, to the philanthropic work they do and charities they support.

Charitable work

Marcus and Nancy Hiles have always considered charity as a good luck charm for their prosperous business. They mostly focus on working anonymously for charitable causes. They have worked to create jobs and career universities for thousands of youth at the national university. They also created educational grants worth million of dollars. They have not only worked in the educational sector but, have also donated for the construction and for churches, computer facilities, disadvantaged women and many other fields, the list are endless. They have also contributed to the rehabilitation of parks, lakes, streams, and green space for public.

Personality Traits

You must have guessed that Marcus and Nancy Hiles are benevolent, kind, and very down to earth. They are always working to bring a change in the society and improve the standard of living of the people. Their extraordinary work proves that they are a true philanthropist couple. For more information regarding the couple’s charitable practices, you can follow them on Twitter.

Lead of the Largest Real Estate

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles – How they Lead one of the Largest Real Estate Development Companies in the Country through their hard work is an example for others. The hard work of the duo can be clearly seen in the overview of the Western Rim Properties Company. They run the multi-billion dollar company in Texas, the USA passionately and have reached the heights of real estate from scratch. They are unstoppable and keep on developing new projects year on year.

The firm manages about 20,000 luxury apartments in New Braunfels, Austin, Dallas, San Antonia, and Houston. The aspects that set them apart from others includes meeting the growing need of the real estate market by providing luxurious homes at affordable costs. The price range is quite low and people can acquire any property of their choice without worrying about the investment. They build properties suitable for all kinds of clients be it, single professionals or families. Moreover, they provide amenities and comfort like nowhere else.

Finally, we would like to say that Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have pushed the boundaries of real estate to new heights and have also made their mark in the society by their benevolent charitable activities.

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Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles: Improving the Living Condition

When the world is growing rapidly, the employment opportunities, per capita income etc. are increasing together with improved living condition. The number of small entrepreneurs is increasing everywhere in the world too. And also those small entrepreneurs are being able to establish themselves as well established businessmen. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles jointly have formed such an exemplary business in Texas with the real estate business. Their together efforts facilitate not only to grow the own business but also to improve the living condition of Texas and that’s why people even from the nearby states moved to Texas to start new life.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles: set an example by offering luxurious life to their residents. Residences are not just mere construction works. The luxurious design with amazing amenities is one of the most important features Marcus and Nancy Hiles offered through their Western Rim Properties thus made the prestigious position in Texas real estate business. If you are curious enough to know the secret of behind all these, you can follow Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles in online platform like Likendin and others and get to know their dedication is paid off. Though started with misery, this couple never compromised with their ethics and this is the result of their hard and generous work!

Luxurious Living within Affordable Price

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have come to the community with a different plan to improve the living condition of the community people. They offered their high quality properties in such small price that even the small income people can afford those! But in 2004, when they started their business, things were like those are now. The Hiles couple had to struggle a lot come to today’s position. With the hard, prudent and kind works they are now dominating the real estate business in Texas.

Passion to Community People

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are passionate people. With their continuous efforts, the tax rate in Texax is still low. This couple is out spoken and like direct conversations with their clients so that they can have better understanding among themselves. The love of Nancy Hiles with natural environment around office and residence has shown that they so adore for increasing the living standard of the people of Texas. As a result they are now loved by all in Texas. The new generation entrepreneurs are their followers too as these new entrepreneurs like to follow the path shown by Hiles couple!

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Ideology of Nancy Hiles over hike in Real Estate Income Tax rate in Texas


The increase in income tax rate in the Real estate industry is not a new thing in USA. Many of the entrepreneurs highly condemn such rise in income tax. After Washington D.C and California, the state of Texas is also going through from this situation. Nancy Hiles is a wife of the CEO of the Western Rim Properties. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles raised their voice to request the government to stable the previous tax rate. The couple has remained highly active to become the voice of people.

It becomes quite difficult for the buyers to pay large sums of cash for purchasing houses. Therefore, hike in income tax rate would add salt to their wounds. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles tried their best to convey the message of people to the government. Many of the other entrepreneurs have shaken hands with the couple to raise voice against income tax rate hike. Nancy Hiles actually thinks that a buyer should have to pay justifiable price. Such increase in income tax rate is not doing any justice with the people. Therefore, people should try to be united and be with us.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles preferred social media to raise voice against tax rate hike issue. They shared their views and opinions. The sudden hike in income tax rate is not a right decision made by the government. Nancy Hiles provide her full support to the husband over this issue. Many people supported Nancy and Marcus to express their anger against this issue. The thoughts of NancyHiles regarding this matter show that she cares a lot about people. She always want to provide best quality homes with the least possible price.

Many of the real estate firms in different states of US are forced to pay increased income tax amount. At this stage, the efforts of this couple are commendable. A lot of courage is required to openly raise voice and show anger against such issues. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles don’t leave any opportunity to help and support people. They also came from the masses of middle class people. Therefore, they can easily understand the problems of common people. The couple is highly active to participate in philanthropic causes. Their kind-heartedness actually shows such caring attitude of the couple. Marcus and Nancy have always tried to keep people happy from different aspects.

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Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles: The Philanthropic Couple that leads a Real Estate business

Many of the entrepreneurs have been entered into the real estate market and secured higher financial positions in their fields. But not all of them have courage to distribute large portion of their profits for the charities. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are one of those entrepreneurs who not only got higher success in the Real estate business but also focused on financial support. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles purchased their first property from their savings. The higher success of Western Rim Properties in such short time span was uncertain for the couple.

The Positive beliefs of soul-mates

The insightfulness and intelligence of the Marcus Hiles can be observed through his tweets. The current economic situations and real estate matters are highly understood by the Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles. If you follow him on Twitter, you would get to know about their in-depth observation regarding real estate businesses. The residents of their houses and apartments always remain informed with any issues regarding current living situations. It is due to the caring attitude by the Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles for their residents. They believe on developing a family-like bonding with their customers instead of neglecting them after selling the properties.

United States tax code is the recent issue about which Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles have shared their thoughts on twitter. From the past few years, Texas had an advantage of lower tax rates on the real estate properties unlike California and New York. However, the US government has recently announced about hiking income tax on real estate properties in Texas and Washington D.C. the outspokenness of the Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles is highly popular for raising voice against hike in amount of taxes. The couple actually beliefs on reducing the common consumer are buying power. They requested multiple times to the government about this issue. Such active behavior for the welfare and betterment of the people definitely shows the amazing thoughts and beliefs of this couple. They believe that helping the good citizens of Texas is possible by focusing on bottom line vision.

The ten years of Western Rim by Nancy and Marcus

The provision of luxurious and affordable residencies to the people is the objective of Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles. The couple is serving best to the people from a decade. Their more concern towards participation in the charities and environment protection distinguish Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles from other real estate entrepreneurs.

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Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles maintain a harmony in Professional work and personal life

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are a successful couple doing business. They also worry about everyday life and different things. The entrepreneur’s life is also equally hard and includes several ups and downs, while the toughest are those who survive. This couple could succeed as they had the best qualities required for successful entrepreneurs. Thus, they earned the position of being the most successful and largest business people running in Texas, Western Rim Properties, a real estate company.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles – How it initiated

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles in 2004 launched Western Rim Properties, a real estate company dealing with the development and investment of the real estate and it eventually turned into a large property development firm in Texas. They have their roots deep in Texas and obviously, their life revolves in Texas helping people within the state and now also across the nation.

This couple spends their weekends with their family members and friends and at the same time dedicates their time for philanthropy as they strongly believe in giving back to the community that gave them so much that today they are a prominent and successful business people.

Ease of Managing business and philanthropy

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are now well known as successful business couple and do that they wish to do. They are also philanthropists and so keep giving donations as they wish. At the same time do not miss a single opportunity of being with family and friends. Conversely, they prioritize both, business and philanthropy at all times. Both, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles have same wavelength in thinking and doing things that has kept them going on.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are busy and are doing various philanthropic activities and are also involved in business endeavors. Actually, it appears they literally lack time to visit office or go to visit other communities. Their business also has lots of dealing and negotiations, taking up their best of the time. Yet, they both do not miss anything and handle their professional work and personal life in harmony.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles spend their weekends traveling within Texas and other parts across the country to have a good network with other developers, politicians and to assist business transactions, thus further their philanthropic reasons to their best.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles believe that success in life is retained only when something is given back to the community. This is the reason they give importance to both parts of their life, personal and professional and are successful.

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How Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles manage to lead one of the largest Real Estate Development Companies in the Country.

Successful business people have to worry about many different things on everyday basic. Life of entrepreneurs is hard, it can include many ups and downs and only those, who are the toughest, survive.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles have succeeded because they have all the qualities that successful entrepreneurs need. They are leading one of the largest and most successful real estate company in Texas, Western Rim Properties.

How it all started

In 2004, Nancy and Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Properties, a real estate investment and development company that eventually turn into one of the largest property development firms in the country. They come from Texas and their life revolves around helping Texans people across the nation.

How they manage philanthropy, professional and personal life

Besides being successful at what they do, Nancy and Marcus Hiles are also big philanthropists and they work towards charity as much as they can.

While relaxing with friends and family is important to the loving couple, both Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles make Western Rim Properties and Philanthropy top priorities at all times.

Both Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are extremely busy with a variety of philanthropic interest and other business endeavors that it seems like they hardly have the time to make into the office or travel to communities across the state to greet new Western Rim Property residents. Somehow, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles make both their personal lives and professionals work in harmony.

The couple spends most of their weekends traveling to other parts of Texas and across the country to help with business transactions, network with politicians and other developers, and to further their philanthropic causes as much as possible.
Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles truly believe that success in life doesn’t exist without giving something back to the community.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles believe that their personal life always has a profound impact on their professional life and vice versa. They try to keep an even balance of both worlds to help maximize the time and energy dedicated to Western Rim Properties.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles say that if you want to be successful at what you do, you need to found balance between professional and personal life. Both parts of life are important and so it is urgent need to take time for both, professional and personal life.

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Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles: The Couple Behind Newport Classic Homes

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles have been a professional real estate couple for over a decade. Ever since they founded Western Rim Properties, they’ve enjoyed a significant amount of success, largely due to hard work, dedication and philanthropic causes. Newport Classic Homes, a crowning achievement for both Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles is located in Newport, Texas. The couple is extremely proud of this development because they’ve been able to provide the type of life they live to numerous hardworking Texans in the area.

Newport Classic Homes by Marcus Hiles provides a level of luxury and convenience that is often hard to find in today’s competitive seller’s real estate market. From cafes and salons to hiking trails, fitness centers and more, the residents of Newport Classic Homes could now have access to the things they need without having to drive long distances.

The Newport Classic Homes community is also located next to some of the best schools in the area.

Using their Private Life as a Blueprint for Newport Classic Homes

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles enjoy a comfortable life just outside the small town of Colleyville, Texas. Their home is comprised of many lavish rooms made from the best of materials. Both Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles cook in a chef’s kitchen and host parties in their backyard. The hard work and dedication that they’ve put into their company has paid off tremendously, and they want to provide the same type of life for residents of Western Rim Properties.

When Western Rim Property a real estate company began the planning stages of Newport Classic Homes, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles ensured that the company used their personal home as an example of what they wanted built in their new community. Right down to the quality of materials, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles drew up plans that would later be known as some of the best homes in Newport.

About Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles

For decades, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have shared a dream to provide exceptional lives for hardworking Americans everywhere. Not only does Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles enjoy building great residential communities, but both have focused much of their time and financial resources on taking care of the less fortunate who reside within Texas. From nonprofit employment organizations to inner city schools and beyond, the couple donate millions of dollars per year as part of their overall financial philanthropic efforts.

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Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles: A Life of Philanthropy and Real Estate

In 2004, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles founded Western Rim Properties. To this date, their company has grown to the tune of billions of dollars in assets and over 25,000 residential units, both currently in development and completed. The communities built by Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles reflect that of the life they currently live and the quality of life they want to provide for future residents of their development. Marcus Hiles house, located near the company’s headquarters in Collevyille, Texas, is a prime example of the success they have achieved through Western Rim Properties.

Building a Dream for Themselves and For Texas

Both Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles had the same vision for Texas residents: A life of convenience and luxury for an affordable price. When they founded the company in 2004, they dedicated much of their time to discovering exactly what consumers wanted in terms of living situations. After long hours of research, they came up with the first blueprint for a custom built community under Western Rim Properties.

This blueprint included a variety of amenities, from hair salons, offices and walking paths to cafes, health clubs and more. Beyond amenities, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles decided that each community would be built in the best zip codes next to best schools, which provided an opportunity for families to give their children the best education possible.

The blueprint that Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles created has been the backbone of the company since 2004. Because Western Rim Properties have been so popular among the citizens of Texas, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles have been able to live a life they could only dream of in the past. The couple enjoy a number of hobbies themselves. Marcus Hiles wine collection is a prime example of one of the hobbies that the couple shares together.

Success Breeds Philanthropy with Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles

Since before 2004 and the founding of Western Rim Properties, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have been avid philanthropists. Every year for the past two decades, the couple donates generous sums of money to local schools, nonprofit employment agencies and private universities.

Once their company became successful, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles significantly increased their donations. As a company, Western Rim Properties has given over $4 million to environmental organizations to help protect natural habitats, both in the state of Texas and around the country.

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